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2004-03-24, 7:56 p.m.

WARNING!!!! If you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of reading things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is okay to read, save yourself, and me, the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, I.E. my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. This I hope you keep in mind, and thank you for reading.

I’ve gone through most of my entries and a few Instant Message Conversations, and the “quotes” I have found are either about me, really random, or something I laughed at. I’ve also been through many emails that I’ve written. One quote is from the play “Robin Hood,” and does anybody quote the actual writers of the screen plays? No, they quote the actors. I’ve been having a lot of fun going through the past to dig up this stuff. Its for my own interest if not yours. So here it is:

OH, and remember, everything is copy and pasted exactly how it was said.

Things said by me that should, one day, be famous:

ChrisLo1112: If you see couples and are jealous, then date them. if you don' t understand why I can't love you, then I don't understand why you can't love them. You haven't fucking “lost” me, so don't overreact and say that because its bullSHIT. I tell you that every time. STOP. You need to just stop. Try working on the future, if you can't change the past, then make the past different, do you know how? Well, here's a hint: 10 minutes ago is now considered the past. Work on the future, that changes the past. I'm awake, I haven't fallen asleep, I'm always here.

Vicky gave me the name ChrisLo on our Washington DC trip. Like J.Lo except my last name isn't Lopez and I don't have a huge ass.

That was a lot of fun. When I am driving I feel in control of everything. I'm never in control. Driving is so cool. I always like watching car chases, and any kinds of stunts in a car, or on a car. It always looks cool.

I am the only one in my family with dimples. I am the only one left handed.

From “Robin Hood”: And then they decided to end their orgy of pleasure by hanging me!

I am the most politically incorrect person.

I gave him a 20 dollar bill. No card or anything. Just a picture of Jackson.

My Mom is one of those parents who say "maybe" to make me feel good, but actually means no.

Talking about running away: I feel that I want to yell at [Shadow] and hug her at the same time. She's home safe now though. I don't think I will ever let her outside again, and if you are wondering, I hugged her.

I felt like Forrest Gump "I just felt like running," but I walked because running sucks. I hate running.

I have nothing to do this weekend...Phuqitol

I have a nightlight, and I must sleep with something.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

I would watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Jay Leno. Those are the main guys that make me laugh every day.

Childhood is for spoiling adulthood and adulthood is for spoiling childhood...we do not belong together.

[My mom] called me a son of a bitch.

Then I could hear Mom and my little sister yelling. Typical morning.

I drank all of the drinks she got out to stop her from drinking. I am such a great cousin.

I like any girls who says "awww." That is just so beautiful.

Vicklo: when you're done, can we talk? ChrisLo1112: sure, I may get done some time next week

I just found out something, if you go to another site with the same window as this, diaryland.com, your whole entry gets erased!!!

I like the word fuckin. I use it a lot, and I am just noticing this. The fuckin word in fuckin funny as fuck!

"Oh, shit, you scared the fuck out of me!" I said just like that.

ChrisLo1112: okay, here's the secret to marriages: you're gonna have fights, no matter what

McB woke me up by saying "You have seven days." I was tired so I said "Fuck you, its Spring Vacation."

When I talk about movies, I can't stop unless someone stops me. I'm stopping myself here.

I was thinking about death though. I think that if we die, our brains keep thinking, only it's like we're blind, and we have the rest of life to think, always thinking, nothing eles moving. That's why, when I die, I want to be cremated so my brains will be unable.

I'd rather see a PG-13 movie of [a woman] in underwear over an R or NC-17 rated movie of [a woman] totally naked. NC-17 is kinda nasty, but I'd watch it, but for an R rated one, [the woman] couldn't be naked for a long time.

Matching outfits is gay.

There have been a couple guys that have checked me out, I KNOW it! I don't just think that. So, I guess that I am homo-mono-phobic.

I belong at the girls end of the table.

All the girls can dance. Hell, if they move, then they're awesome.

If you work at McDonald's, don't make my chocolate shake NASTY! Its all of us that make the world go 'round.

Its a rule with me...Family calls me Christopher and friends call me Chris.

Cats are "meows" that you want to see get tossed around in a movie.

ChrisLo1112: Just wondering, like I always am.

So, today I didn't get an STD. Yesterday, I had a kid. A little girl, and when they called my number which meant that I got a girl pregnant, I said "Dammit." Then I thought about naming a kid "Dammit." "C'mere, Dammit." "How was school today, Dammit?" "Finish your dinner, Dammit!" "Dammit, how's your boyfriend?"

Anywho, its beautiful as heaven outside. "Beautiful as heaven"-remember that line, I just came up with it and it sounds really good. Pass it around. You don't have to give me credit, nobody ever does.

Listen, I DON'T do drugs, and I have never had sexual intercourse with anyone. I have my virginity right here in my pants, I haven't lost it.

Steve said that men think about sex every 5.3 seconds. Right at the tip of our mind. I don't know if that's true, I've never gotten a fuckin timer and clocked my self. I take out the ruler, just kidding! The yard stick, HAHA, yeah right.

This was one of those times where Justin and I were like a couple of little school girls.

I have dreams, I know I do, but I can't EVER remember them. I woke up last night, sweating. I'm sure it wasn't because of the heat, haha, but I really wanted to know what I was dreaming. Dammit.

I'm one of those "weird" kids with both of my parents, living together.

I have all the time in the world to do all the nothing that I want to. Here's my motto: "The earlier you set your alarm clock, the more you get to sleep in." I'm sure you can find some double meanings in that.

Why do people think that they're ugly? I think its because they have to live with themselves. If someone tells you that you are beautiful, its because THEY think that you are.

Hell, I never thought I would use the word "love."

“P-A-R-T-Why? Because I gotta!!!”

I am like a little preschooler who is being dropped off at school and then crying for their mommy. I am! This was me getting her to leave. "You need to go" and then I hold her tighter.

Shadow tried to eat Ryan when he came over. It was weird. His dog likes me now. His dog knows me. Mine likes Byrdman. Byrdman smells like a dog so its all good for Shadow.

I'm hungry.

The best part was "Beavis and Butthead do America." That movie was funny as fuck. Fuck is really funny.

No people should die. I hate dying. If its in the movies, it doesn't bother me at all. Real life bothers me. The real world bothers me. The movies are awesome. They're another world where almost anything can happen. We've destroyed asteroids in the movies. We've discovered that the world is a Matrix. We've gotten our kidnapped children back. We've had a lot of happy endings. OH, and we have a video tape that kills people.

I named all the mice "Jiggy." I'm weird like that. I had it, but it ran and it touched my foot, so I screamed like a little school girl. Goddamn!! It got away. Then I'm like "oh, NICE refelxes, Chris, you bitch!"

I have forgotten what this entry was about. Wow. *Scrolls up*

I'm A.G. now. All Good.

Way too easily can people put on a smile and fool all their watchers.

ChrisLo1112: I have not changed clothes since Friday

Don't judge a weekend by how it starts.

I'm not most people.

Shadow is chasing her tail and has been for a couple months.

Earlier it was windy as fuck. Fuck is everything, by the way. Fuck is the most of everything.

Me swearing. I hate swearing. I swear to much, I know. You know. Haha, "let's go!" You wanna go? That rhymes.

Haha, she "boyfriended" me.

I think emotionally and people don't think guys do. I DO. I cry. I see movies that I cry to. "Stepmom" is one of my favorites. I cry every time I see that.

I didn't stay out long. Just enough time to say that I did nothing.

This is the generation where a plane ticket could describe your sex life. Haha, this is great: “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both ways.”

“I’m goin to the bathroom, wanna come? The doctor said I shouldn’t lift anything heavy.”

I got up at 6:00am! That's the earliest I have ever gotten up. Except for the got up part.

I'm good with looks, not names. I'll be the one to forget my date's name.

Love begins with a smile. Love grows with a kiss. Love ends with a tear.

Ahh, this hour is almost over. This was a good hour. I haven't done anything.

The Fat One: "I need better shoes for Gym!!" Me: "Make Jim get his own shoes."

But, now I am dancing in my chair, because nobody can see me, and Shadow is giving me a weird look. The look that says "Even I can dance better than that."

This is fuckin A.

I forgot to wear a belt to school today. Which is weird because I never forget my belt.

I went to a therapist for a year, and actually got to liking her. Our last three appointments, she said "There's nothing wrong with you, and you don't need to be coming here if you don't want too."

Have you ever had that dream where you're being kissed a lot, and then you wake up and see your dog in your face? I haven't either.

I have an audience out there.

I'll dream of being a pilot. "Hello everyone, this is your captain streaking"

Today we learned about the penis. Tomorrow, the vagina.

Okay, people giggle when they hear of the word "penis." Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with what it is. I think that "penis" is just a funny word all by itself. I even laugh at it. Hell, I'm laughing right now.

Grandpa comes out and sees me dribble the ball between my legs. He asks me if I can do that a lot really good. I say "yeah, all the time." Then, jokingly, I ask Grandpa if he can dribble between the legs. "No, I'm afraid I'd hit myself." That's something I would never expect Grandpa to say. Kinda...well, its was weird. But not as weird as my response..."Yeah, I know the feeling."

But, my friends, unlike a lot of people, we have this diary. This diary is our help. Not the ONLY help we have, but I think it does one helluva job. When I write, I picture thousands of people reading along every day. I think everyone should have a diary. A diary that everyone could read. What would the world be like then? It would be amazing. So different, I know.

Naw, fuck it, and go get Jones Soda. That stuff is the shiznit, and if they were to use ANYTHING, that would be the most popular soda ever, I'm sure. They taste like wine coolers. Jones doesn't use any type of billion dollar ad compaigns or whatever. You gotta make a living somehow, and choosing the beverage world is good. Jones just came out with Root Beer flavored. That's cool. I'll never get any because their other flavors are too awesome. Mountain Dew came out with Live Wire. Orange flavored Mountain Dew. This is the same as any other orange flavored pop.

ChrisLo1112: the power of underwear is surprisingly strong

ChrisLo1112: there's plenty of time in life for everything ChrisLo1112: because if it doesn't happen, then it never will because it wasn't supposed to

ChrisLo1112: my mind wonders and then wanders

I went to check out Victoria's Secret. Yeah, and on the way back from her house, I found out that the expression "weak at the knees" actually happens.

Random is the essence of funny.

They tried to scare me by setting fireworks off in my face. That only would have scared me if I had gotten hit and went to the hospital.

I stayed up at least an hour later than everyone else. Thinking. Pondering the unponderables.

I pet it, and I rub it and I made it feel good. (Talking about RyMo’s cat)

I was that excited that the DAY was over with. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! SCHOOOL'S all DONE with!!!!....see y'all tomorrow!"

What an immature mother fuckin son of his bitch! Here's my line (remember this): "If you're gonna be a dick, go fuck yourself!"

BUT it was scary because of this guy who was carrying tires on a wagon thing. The tires slid off in the lane next to us and hit this red car who swerved off the road into the ditch because of it and the tires bounced right past our van. I started laughing.

Love can make you crazy. I'm sure that's been said before.

Cruises, they're all about the fuckin food.

There were a couple old women in bikini's.

We got to the state of Florida, and it was raining. Raining so hard, that this red truck slid and flipped over, and you will believe that because I have the result of the crash on tape.

"Movies." Said Ryan, "I can see Chris as a good movie director."

Excuses are like assholes. Everybody has one, and they all stink.

Things hurt, but they're all just jokes, right? Remember, they're never JUST jokes, everybody. Neverever.

Went streaking, FINALLY! It may be a little nasty, the thought of ME going streaking, but it was FUN! Streaking in the rain, getting soaked, and in LIGHTNING. No greater feeling in the world.

Ditching may sound bad, and it IS. Promises are bad. Breaking promises are hurtful. Lying is hurtful. Never make plans you don't know you can do. Just don't. If you promise someone to do something, think about what better you can do with them or just something better. If there's not something you even WANT to do, then don't do it!

So, Doug's party was AWESOME, I had fun. We kinda went off and kissed the whole time, watched movies, it was fun.

I keep getting a HUGE urge to say "YOU are a VERY immature parent who doesn't deserve to have kids. Wait, you deserve HUNDREDS of kids. Think of all the stress THERE!"

I don't delete something unless I spell it wrong. (Sometimes I still don't delete it, because I don't notice it) I keep typing because MAYBE it sounds funny.

Today, working with Grandpa. One of those really terrible things where, at the end, you say "That was a good experience for me. That was good for me."

So, I smell like a barn. My balls hurt because I've been banging them around against bails all day. Testis, haha. My legs hurt too because that's the same area where I've been banging against with bails. My stomach too, DAMN, my whole crotch, and my stomach. I need to go piss some blood.

"The time always comes" I always tell myself.

[My mom and I] talked about my new therapist. Results are in. I took this huge long test and I have anxiety. Hooray.

I took the Schnapps in the house and hid them from the girls. The next night, my mom and I had some.

"The Pits." Why the hell didn't we discover these sooner? That's all I gotta say. What I WANT to say is that its AWESOME. Its like a lake, warm, sea weedy (haha, weedy), but nice. Since we had no bathing suits, we had underwear, so that worked out. So we had underwear, do get in, and then "I'm takin 'em off!"

My therapist, named Roxanne, started crying and when I looked at her face a while later, after I said everything again, and it seemed like she had just seen a violent murder. I think my therapist likes talking to me because I do most of the talking.

I would act like a comedian making fun of the spelling of “Tyme” in Fun Tyme. “How fun could it be if the place can’t even spell?”

Study, my least favorite word.

Quote of the Day: "Don't wish your life away" -Me

Nowadays clowns scare the shit out of me.

When I was in first grade, my clothes clashed everyday. Now, even when I want to, they don't. Well, they probably do on every other day, except "clash day."

I went around telling people that Vicky was "sick in bed" but then had to explain that I wasn't talking kinky.

I was technically younger yesterday.

Yes, I'm eating a hotpocket right now, and they are breathtaking. This one is warm so I'm letting it cool down. Whoever came up with the ideas of hotpockets? I don't really care, but he/she was a genius.

Everybody gets jealous. Men, they get jealous a lot more often than women. Women, they get kinda demented kinda jealous. They only seem like that, they’re not really demented. All of us are jealous because they need the reassurance of love. They need to know that the other loves them. Never let a little fight like these break you up. Talk things out.

A line from one of the most popular movies ever: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” This is so stupid because there are too many times when couples need to say those simple words. I mean, I don’t think people should be sorry, I think everything happens for one reason or another. Being sorry is nice because it lets me know that someone actually cares. SOMETIMES someone has to say they’re sorry even when they don’t know what the hell they’ve done.

“If the sex is good, its 10% of the relationship/marriage, but if its not so good, its 90%.”

“Don’t love me quietly, do it with intensity”

Cute is in my vocabulary.

So, I get my lazy ass up "Ooooohhhhhhmy God" and get dressed like an old man, run into the bathroom like a turtle and brush my teeth like a child while putting on deoderant like a fat kid in a gym locker so I can ride over to Vicky's like a pervert.

No clothes removed, wait, yes, clothes were...socks were removed.

Jimmy, kind of girly guy, no offense to him, is really awesome.

She'll probably end up getting me underwear with the days of the week written on the ass. Or the months.

We shot a really funny movie on Sunday. It included me getting slashed across the face with a claw, slitting the skin under my eye (for real, haha), stepped on leaving a bloody toe, and "brutally beaten" on a trampoline.

Anyway, if today is a half day, and there’s a TWO HOUR delay…that means we would only have one hour to do anything at school today. BUMP DAT! SCHOOL HAS BEEN CANCELLED TODAY!!! WOOHOO!

"House on Haunted Hill" gave Vicky nightmares. Haha, I think we should all watch it.

Dad’s got his school team spirit for Michigan State, cheering off beat with the band.

If you never take time, how would you ever have time?

In the play I'm going to be stripped so I need a shirt over my fat to make it appear that I'm naked.

Today was an excellent day, filled with video games, pizza, and some unmentionables.

When I was younger, I got bit by [Shadow] in the face, and my cheek gushed blood out. You wanna know what I did? I went to the bathroom mirror to see how I looked with blood all over my face. I smiled to see how evil I looked with the real blood. It was AWESOME!

I was really energetic because we had wrestled and laughed and spilled pop and stepped on nacho's until they were in the carpet as far as they could go. Justin got cheese on his socks.

I love the feeling right now where I have nothing to do. I haven't felt it in a long time. Well, not since the weekend. Its Tuesday.

I really despise school.

ChrisLo1112: "the wall was taken down and I could see his Pink Floyd"

I liked the grass flavor and the dirt flavor, they were so awesome.

This summer, there is no way I'm getting a car because I need to work off weight on my bike.

ChrisLo1112: I hate my penis

"The Three Stooges," I saw my first movie with their humor. I was laughing in my seat and I was so proud that I was enjoying it that I started sweating. When it was over, I had to change clothes.

Today was filled with laughs, and ravioli.

Question of the Day: If you ate Spaghetti in the ghetto, would you call it Spaghetto?

If you (meaning Vicky or anybody else) wanna boyfriend and a dance partner, you’re talking about two different guys when you’re going out with me.

What do you think of when you think of summer? Are you riding a bike? Swimming? At a beach? I see an image of standing behind myself looking over a hotel's swimming pool, with a beach in the background with lots and lots of palm trees. There's paradise.

You know who everybody should like? Kevin Bacon. His movies are all good. "Hollow Man," he was NUDE. Girls, feast your eyes.

Time is slipping away and we can't stop it, so why not be lazy and be free? Why worry about not killing time? Time must be suicidal if we cannot stop it.

I've had weird thoughts about money. There's so much I want to do with it now, but I feel the need to save it for the future. Why am I always thinking about the future? Stop thinking about the future, because it never comes.

I actually don't really like money. Money is all over, and people kill for it, and people lose kids over it, and it seems like one of the most important things in the world. Money itself is worthless.

Okay, okay, I'm gonna stop writing...right...about...NOW!

*Audience Cheers*

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