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2006-04-22, 12:19 p.m.

WARNING!!!! If you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of reading things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is okay to read, save yourself, and me, the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, I.E. my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. This I hope you keep in mind, and thank you for reading.

Alright, it’s about that time of the year...even though my anniversary was March 9th. I went through my entries to gather the most random or the most entertaining quotes of my own. The purpose of the quotes entries is to go through my own writing and maybe some other clever quotes sites. This is basically me reading my own words to get quotes that are good or have a meaning or... are sufficiently random. So this is the third edition of quotes of mine that I give to you to enjoy and pass on.

QUOTES PAGE: The Three Edition

You are entertained, and that’s all I ever ask, and that’s all anyone should ever ask, for movies take you to another place, such as Basin City, for a couple of hours.

Action always suffices.

I didn't want to be prepared for something I know I'm not gonna do.

High school is so stupid, and I'll complain about it, but it's important. Socially. Thank God for my friends, I'll tell you. Don't waste your High School life.

Something the Spanish teacher would say on projects for the class: "Alright, and for your third project to cram into your already busy-with-other-teacher's-crap lives is for you to make a Paper-Mache something-or-other. PINATA! You can make anything you want as long as it's school-appropriate, of course, but you have to make it all on your own time. I don't have any of the materials, so why don't you bother your parents to go out and buy the stuff for you. Alright, you have two other projects you have to work on this hour, choose wisely and I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks."

"Don't let school interfere with learning."

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”

It wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald who killed Kennedy. A predator (which I'm sure you know from the Schwarzenegger film, "Predator") came from the future and assassinated him.

I'm all for never giving up on one's truest dreams, but sometimes you gotta sit back, sleep in the newspapers, and take a damn break. At least.

The greatest thing a learner can do is teach.

High school itself is psychology class without grades.

Never let any kind of relationship end without knowing why it ended and how it can be corrected in the future. This is, in fact, why it is important to have relationships in high school. It truly is getting ready for "the real world." Plus, after being in so many relationships, I would think you would be so hardened that, by the end of the latest, the "last straw," you will be so hardened that soon, nothing can effect you. You will be, in a sense, invincible. A superhero to all women. Your special power would be going through future relationships unharmed and able to make the guy think you really don't care.

Nobody wants to see you get hurt, but they expect it. Exceed their expectations, and they’ll look up to you.

People want what they can't have.

We all have to right to be selfish once in a while, but trust me, sometimes it would be to your advantage to think about others. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Everything is better when there's a bigger audience (unless it's embarrassing, then you'll have to wait a couple years for it to be funny).

I woke up around 3pm today...not proud, not proud.

ChrisLo1112: "C'mere, Hollywood, lemme tell you how it's done.”

If you dream a dream that can happen, make it happen, and live that dream. If it's possible, which it's said that anything is, you can dream it. Start now, I say, 'cause you know, if you get 'em when they're young, the possibilities are endless.

History repeats itself if you don't learn from the mistakes.

Senior Quote: “There’s always free cheese in the mousetraps, but the mice there ain’t happy.”

On “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:” That film was awful, but movies like that should really inspire confidence to those of whom want to be in the movie business. If they are making crap like that, then any of us could make crap like that and sell it.

ChrisLo1112: Mistakes are easier to make than lying is to do. But telling the truth is the easiest thing to do in the first place. Too easy, if you know what I mean.

ChrisLo1112: The average penis size is 5''

You can learn anything from the internet.

Sometimes it’s better to know when to feel bad than it is to feel bad.

The last movie we made together was one of the standard formula, with Justin as the badguy mostly played by his pants (showing only his legs walking toward a kill…an effective horror-film trademark).

I don’t consider myself someone who steals the spotlight, but everyone should want it.

Deep down, everybody should want to be the center of attention. We’re used to writing about ourselves, though. In school, online, everyday conversation. I write for myself, when writing a script or a skit or whatever. And when writing for yourself, you don’t need to write about yourself, so it works better when casting a role. Plus, casting the writer is a good low-budget tactic.

Saying that something is “in our nature” is just an excuse for making a bad decision.

I have concluded that the difference between nature and nurture is nil because nature only lives in our appearance. What we get out of life is what we are nurtured into thinking and doing.

At least, with the musicians who had perfect pitch were exposed to music before age 7. It is also concluded that obtaining perfect pitch after the initial exposure to music after age 10 is highly unlikely. So, parents, even if you are known to be a beautiful singer, it would be better to sing to your young children before waiting for them to be in middle school to sign them up for singing lessons.

When I was young, I was exposed to not only my dad’s favorite music, but I was also an avid movie watcher. I would watch a lot of different things, and as children, what we see is what we think is the way it is supposed to be done. So by my seeing many classic movies at a young age, perhaps that could explain how I am more knowledgeable in the film industry.

In a year, I'll be gone, and it'll be up to Diana to teach our parents how to be parents. I'm finished. Diana's a lot smarter than I was at her age. Although most people choose not to take my advice, I feel like I have a lot to offer other people. And hopefully Diana does.

Being a girl gives you a lot more power when it comes to giving advice.

Quote of the Day: "I need to crawl under some blankets under the stars and be cuddled to death. only minus the death part." - Emma, Megan's girl friend.

Jake was a backseat driver. He talked for a good five minutes about how our tax payer’s money goes into construction. “And you thought it went into the military. Nope. There is no military. These construction workers are our military.” [This is] basically saying that construction workers are not there by choice. Nobody would do that. Except the ones not working. Ever wonder what women think of those signs: “Men Working?” They have husbands. They think an oxymoron wrote those signs.

Jake, in response to my Mr. Obvious statement of “That’s illegal:” “Yes it is, Chris…I almost killed a lady for doing a rolling stop”…*dramatic pause*... “not with my bare hands, of course.”

Uncle Robbie would spoil Ben like he always does and he would let him eat pizza all week and he would be your basic cool dad. But the problem was that he was buying Ben's love and not showing it. And then I learned the importance of showing your love.

Don't spoil your kids, either, or buying them stuff will lose value in how much they love you. And don't let them eat whatever they want. That teaches them to be picky.

"My old drama coach used to say, "Don't just do something, stand there." – Clint Eastwood.

"I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone. Even as a kid, I was annoyed by people who wanted to tell everyone how to live." – Clint Eastwood.

Don't judge me; too many people think I'm dumber than I am.

I mean, we're used to all this weird stuff happening now. Body parts found in a river. A dead body found in a garbage can 20 miles out of town. A creepy weird dude, randomly wandering around.

Waking up at two o'clock in the afternoon doesn't help summer go much slower.

Reading is the most fun when you're with your family. So then, you’re not really with your family.

About going up north: I pretty much go up there to get away from people. I mean, I'm on a beach, I can get a tan, I can read a book by the water, and I can go skinny-dipping at nighttime.

Why do people like the books better than their movies? The mind offers a lot more room for imagination when reading a book. When you watch the movie, you’re thinking “Oh, I thought it would have been different.”

On the release of the sixth Harry Potter book: You gotta love that so many kids are excited about this book coming out. You gotta love that huge trucks with millions of these books are being used to ship the books to stores. You gotta love that millions of children around the world are buying the books. You gotta love that their parents will be reading them, too. Amongst other grown-ups. People are really excited about...reading!!

Painful...is responding to “Have a nice day,” when heading out to school. Haha, you wanna know ‘painful?’ Painful...is seeing “Back to school ads” during the summer...and in the middle of summer.

“It was found out that you can not see the Great Wall of China from space. The books are now having to be re-written. Why don’t you think the china man could see the Great Wall? Perhaps he was too short? Or maybe he was squinting? This just in...You can see Ben Stiller from any angle in space. He’s in everything now.” – Quoting the first Bob and Tom show I ever listened to.

Dialogue of me hosting “The Daily Announcements” with Chelsey and Justin...in a dream:
Chelsey: “Chris, what’d you do, skip lunch?”
Me: “Yes Chelsey, that is indeed what I did do.”
Justin: “Chris, how could you do such a thing?”
Me: “Well, Justin, I had a big breakfast.”
*drums and cymbals are heard*

Maybe it was the fact that this is summer vacation. It’s early in the morning, and I am already enjoying my day immensely by practically waking up with the Barone family. Oh, those sitcoms in the morning, I love ‘em. I like Late-Night television, but Early-Shows have a different feel to them...since they’re in the morning. And my attention span is better.

To make someone else’s day is to make your own day. To make somebody happier is to make you feel good about yourself.

I had a bowl of sugar with Raisin Bran. But I don’t think that breakfast only helps make you alert for the rest of the day. Watch some friggin television! Laugh with it rather than choosing to watch some depressing news. Laughter...is the most important meal of the day. As is breakfast. But hardly am I ever up early enough to have breakfast, so laughter becomes more important.

On making a horror-story documentary film: Our ideas of thrill seeking...are different. But hey, all those horror movies possibly could make more sense. Why do the main characters go in the creepy places? Now we know.

On driving home from the thrill-seeking adventure: Byrdman’s “endless intelligence” spoke up and told us where to turn. We can laugh about it now, but it wasn't even a driveway! In fact, it wasn't even someone's yard. In fact, it was the worst possible place he could think to turn around in. It was a cemetery.

(This was caught on camera) with Justin saying: "Byrdman, you drove us next to a cemetary. We've woken the dead. ...*pause*... good job, Byrdman."

After explaining that aliens wouldn’t want to watch Earth from afar, since humans aren’t that interesting: If you were watching a human, and watching a dog...which would you think held power in this world? I mean, as an alien, you watch a man hold his dog on a leash. But you also see the man, walking behind the dog, following it, with a bag, and with it, picking up the dog's shit. Who would you think is in power?

After giving his book a good try, [Jimmy Buffett] did inspire me to become a plane captain and I will be getting a pilot's license to learn how to fly off and onto the water. He made it sound hard. And dangerous. Since he crashed. "Danger," I say? That's my middle name...Crashed, I mean.

No, I don't drink. Not even my family is worth getting drunk over. That’s my attitude when it comes to that stuff. It’s just not worth it.

On being a good driver: Well, so far I haven't died. Accidents happen.

[No] word is powerful if you use it too much. That’s why I don’t care for people who swear too much. I mean, when they try to make a point using strong language, it just doesn’t work. And in effect, they look stupid.

On being late: Chelsey said I needed a watch, since I was a half hour late. Justin said I needed new pants.

The writing, of course, is where stories come from, but actors are actors because they're the great story tellers.

"Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from." – Jodie Foster.

“I love movies that scar. Like, I liked the movie ‘Jaws’ because it made me never want to go into the ocean again.” - David Fincher

Panic Room is [effin’] realistic. That’s why it’s so good. Some people may say it’s predictable, but somebody somewhere will always predict the next movie. Kelly predicted the most impossibly predictable things. But hey, it’s a movie! It doesn’t matter how predictable it is...what matters is how good it is. I mean, the second time you watch it, are you gonna be able to predict stuff? No, you just enjoy the movie...like you should have done the first time. Predicting stuff...too much thinking. That’s what’s great about movies. The director thinks for you.

There are people out there. All kinds of people. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

And the difference between fiction and reality is that...fiction usually needs to make sense. Reality needs to make sense, but we, the people, can’t be really very surprised at much anymore. The people should be desensitized. Be mature about it. At least. Don’t be sheltered. Have common sense.

My senior pictures photographer to my sister: “Your brother is as unique as you can get.”

Memorization occurs when a person repeats something 15 times. I read that somewhere. 15 times.

Stories earn embellishments for every time told.

First of all, there will be no second of all.

And then “That 70’s Show,” came on. And it wasn’t until the next commercial...I remembered that I was hungry. Then I remembered the cheese crackers. So, then I got to thinking. Do movie previews...feed me? Are pictures sent through the television...filling?
They’re certainly satisfying, I figured out that much.

Now, I’ve always had a problem with waitresses. They always have some kind of uniform or dress code...which always requires tight pants. And they have to be nice to you, and they...talk to me. Haha. Waitresses have always been my biggest immediate-crush. But now...and it was quite immediate, I kid you not...the clothes-store lady. What a cute girl. I couldn’t get her out of my mind for the next few days. And look at me now, this is a month later...and I can’t get her out of my mind. Pathetic Love Story.

Going back to see the clothes store lady: I looked around at the scene...the Aeropostale clothing store. And, it took me a while, but I remembered the night with the clothes-store lady. She was so adorable. She called me “sweetie.” And she called me “hun” more than a few times. Man, I loved her. I looked around the store...half nervous (I am really pathetic) that I’d see her.

But she wasn’t there.

I looked around the store again...there were very few people. Few customers. The night I was in here with the clothes-store lady, there weren’t that many people either.

But...ONLY now...did the store feel so empty.

On nearly killing little children: I zoomed past them...going the 25 mph limit...I nearly hit them! My heart raced...not slowing down...What the hell? They should watch out for CARS! Jeez, they were so close to me. Their mother was right behind them. PARENTS: Always go first when crossing the road. Jeez! C’mon!

From a random email I received: Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

First of all, seeing a good movie always makes your day. I guess watching people get tortured with pain is the new form of entertainment [, speaking about “Saw II” and “Hostel” and all the new quote, unquote “horror”. It’s sick, but jeez is it entertaining. It’s disturbing, that’s what it is. We can’t take our eyes off the screen! THAT’s entertainment! You gotta have those moments...that make a movie memorable. Keep that in mind, filmmakers of tomorrow, I hope to see you in Hollywood.

I have always wanted to get a ticket. Not those wussy movie tickets or tickets to a nearby Coheed and Cambria concert...but a parking ticket. Next time I see a cop, I’m floorin’ that gas pedal...speeding ticket, baby, they’re pretty much the hottest ticket out there, everyone’s getting them.

To a police officer: “Hey, aren’t you one of the Village People?”

Me, looking through a Playboy in the passenger seat: “Oooh, those are real...mmm, real...okay, those are so fake, look at those! EYES ON THE ROAD! ...jeez, dude. Okay...you’re taking this home...alright...*sigh*...those are real, wait...no, they’re fake. Haha, fake...fake...real...real fake...”

When we’re young, we look up to adults. We think everything they do is done right. Every movie we see is how a movie is supposed to be. We don’t know what a bad movie it. I mean, we may not like them, but we don’t understand that they are truly bad movies.

“Do you know Dr. Seuss?”
“Not personally.”

On “Stepmom” : I was wondering while watching the movie if, when you’re truly emotionally involved with something, if the comedic aspect seems funnier. I laughed more than I ever remember laughing before. The kid, Liam Aiken, is genius. The movie is cute when it should be, funny when it should be, cool when it should be, and it has good morals. “Winning without dignity or grace isn’t winning.”

School isn’t about the academics. It isn’t about the weak days. It’s about the strong days. The weekends.

I’ve heard it said “Being a comic is like having sex, the more noise you hear, the better you’re doing.”

When you’re in a relationship, like [Zach] and Kelly most certainly are, a lot of other things (like Truth or Dare) seems like silly teenagers games. So I was almost scared that they were turned off by their friends. I mean, that’s how it starts, you try to hang out with friend, but they do stupid things that you, as a couple, can’t do, and are turned off by. The point I attempted to make with Zach just now [online] is, you gotta have some sort of maturity when you’re in a relationship. I mean, relationships give you responsibilities, just like being a dad (and husband) gives you certain responsibilities. Having a responsibility makes you more mature. I mean, going out drinking and having sex on weekend (something I’d bet most 20-year-olds do) is immature. Even though you’re 20...or 50...your age doesn’t affect your maturity...your maturity affects your maturity.

For me to remember the good times with my friends: To quote Mary: "We've all reached a point of ease with each other that [we don’t really feel] awkward at all”

After Casey did some crazy dare in a game of truth or dare: I said “I liked it, Casey...I’d lift this pillow off my lap to prove it, but...”

“Weiner Bill.”

“Dinosaurs do you.”

Do you know why today is New Year's Day...and why this week isn't known as New Year's Week? Because the New Year can only be fresh for one...fuckin'...day. And then it's back to normal.

On school days, I gotta get up at the crack of ass.

On Christmas with people you see once a year: These were the relatives that spent too much time out of their lives to sew me something with my name on it.

My aunt sewed me a fleece pillow... hey, there’s a car on it, so I can dream about driving my fleece pillow.

"Fix that wall before my dad comes home from work. He's gonna beat me with a belt, he's not gonna believe a talking glass of fruit punch came in here. Don't touch me, you drink. Don't touch me you giant beverage. You glass bitch." - Dane Cook.

What my sister’s new kitty typed: terddddd

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get [the cat] away from my dad’s fish tank.

That’s the life. To be doing what you love...and then, at night... who you love.

It’s important not to be too hard on yourself. Sure everyone wants you to do your best no matter what you’re working on, but they gotta learn that nothing is perfect. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice is just experience.

We are the ultimate judges of ourselves.

For “The Sound of Music: The weekly Enterprise came out. That’d be our local newspaper. I was interviewed. He asked me why I wanted the part of Rolf. I’m quoted saying “Since there is a lack of guys in the class, I knew I’d have to sing, so I wanted the best song.”

[Courtney’s Mom, who grew up acting] told me that with stage acting, it is important to listen to what others are saying. You can quote ME on saying that the only thing that makes your performance stand out is working with other actors who make you look good.

And the only way you can look good from your other actors is learn their lines. Then you can really react to what they’re saying, instead of already knowing what you’re going to say to them. And with stage acting, overacting isn’t a bad idea. On film it may make you look bad. Unless you’re Johnny Depp. Or act opposite Orlando Bloom...he’ll make you look good, he’ll make anybody look really good.
I’m just kidding, sorry, Orl.

Also, never stop smiling. That'll give a hint of fun. It's called a "play" because we're all playing around. We're "pretending." All kisses don't mean anything, and they never did.

Nobody sings and dances in real life...it's all staged.

It's the mystery of what is in those brown paper packages that make them one of Maria's favorite things.

“Missing a day of school” is an oxymoron.

That’s why my friends are so great...we know how to have fun without having to go out and do drugs and drunk alcohol. We can have fun sounding drunk just because we know how to make people laugh.

Being ahead of your time just makes the future look back on you to say “now is where you should be.”

Being ahead of your time means nothing when your time has come.

Everyday relationships...they can teach you a lot about people. And that’s why I’m not against “the high school relationship.” High school is for learning, and “the high school relationship” can teach a lot.

Good luck to all of you in getting more than lucky.

In death, an especially accidents and suicides...you just wish you could go back in time. That’s what dominates your thoughts. That you are unable to help...you can’t do anything. In death, all you have and can do is get over it. Are there any self-help books that talk about dealing with death? I would hope not. When would you read that? It’s not something you read right before going to sleep, I’ll tell you that.

In death, be inspired. Learn from other’s mistakes. People who think too much about being safe and caring about others are those who think more about security than opportunity. Move on and get out there. Don’t be afraid of your life rather than your death.

When you’re a supporting actor or actress, you’re there to keep the film alive. I mean, with a smaller role, you have a lot more freedom. I think even extras are some of the most important people in a movie. Everyone on screen is important, and those with lines just have to make the best of it. Steal the show.

That’s directing. Not taking a mirror to society but taking a hammer, and shaping it.

I hope everyone is inspired by people by Paul Walker and get a job in the film industry (it provides SO many people with jobs), and make movies like “Into the Blue” actually entertaining. Seriously, if you have such a sexy premise as “Into the Blue,” how the hell do you screw that up? You have Jessica Alba on board...literally! In a bikini! HOW do you - !!!!

High school is a very important time of our lives. *pause for laughter*

Don’t wish your life away.

Perhaps by telling anybody [our secrets] in the first place, we subconsciously just want to know that people care.

Maybe that’s a scary thought for people... getting out [of the town we’ve lived forever] and actually really doing something with our lives. We are moving on and preparing to actually change the world. We will be our own bosses.

We will make time to stop and smell the roses in our busy lives. We won’t have to wish our lives away by always waiting for something. The future is here, and we’re living it. We will live for others, and have fun. We will do what we love, and, one day, who we love.

Unfortunately, it is only natural for the human mind to think about negative things. The mind itself is pessimistic. It is in our nature and it is our realistic self taking over. In Freudian terms, it is our ego that remembers the bad things and tries to protect us from what we shouldn't do. Subconsciously, it becomes a part of our common sense. It is our common sense.

Your dreams won't just come to you; you have to go to your dreams.

I have concluded that the difference between nature and nurture is nil because nature only lives in our appearance. What we get out of life is what we are nurtured into thinking and doing.

If you dream a dream that can happen, make it happen, and live that dream. If it's possible, which it's said that anything is, you can dream it. Start now, I say, 'cause you know, if you get 'em when they're young, the possibilities are endless.

You can buy anything for the right price. Or can you? I think about this statement often...you can't really make people happy. You can't make people like you. I mean, you can't personally have a better sense of humor or anything. You can't become a different person.

This is the way of the movie buff. I love anticipation. I love hype. I love all kinds of movies. I mean, if a movie is good, you gotta like it. I can even go for a good chick flick every now and then.

I don't understand how one can fall in love. If I want to not like someone, I push myself into disliking them. So getting a steady relationship going might be really hard for me. This is what I think the point of life is. If you can find the girl, even if she's the 'one' or not, then you're good. Tell yourself she's the one, and if you'd ever want to spend the rest of your life with her, try to keep her. Work to keep her. How do you know if you're in love? If you are unable to be disgusted by your partner, you're in love.

For all of you wannabe directors out there...make your movies for your audience that will watch it a second time. The twist ending may be beautifully done, but it’s only a twist one time.

I don’t like anybody...more than I like everybody, I mean...

It’s not a future if it’s the same as the past.

And I need to stop typing. Dammit, stop. CRAP, cut it out. Alright, I’m signing off now. Shit, I gotta add this first. I’m wasting time typing. Holy, WHAT am I doing?! JEEZ! SIGN...OFFF...

And *cut*

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