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2005-04-01, 6:08 p.m.

WARNING!!!! If you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of reading things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is okay to read, save yourself, and me, the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, I.E. my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. This I hope you keep in mind, and thank you for reading.

A couple of weeks ago I just started reading my past entries written in the last year, and wrote down some random advice, perhaps funny, or anything that I thought worthy of making an appearance in my second quotes page. Some are from Instant Messages, and one “Bye Bye Birdie” quote made it, but mostly, these are from past diary entries, as I said.

I want to be in the movie business when I get older. If that doesn’t work, a candy shop would be just as good.

ChrisLo1112: hey, I'm not taking the blame, YOU live far away too, ya know! I mean, we'd be fine if only one of us lived far away.

You have all of the time in the world to think about what COULD be happening in your life IF certain things were different. Are things meant to happen? Who knows. When they do, we can say they do, and that gives us the satisfaction that you couldn't do anything about it. But What If?

The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity.

I've been talking to my mom about finally getting a job that I would be happy with. She's excited that I am excited about working, I think. I'm not going to talk about where I want to work, just like I didn't talk about getting my license here. I mean, I tell everybody, everybody's happy, and then I fail. That wouldn't be good. So I don't tell anybody, I have no pressure, and I get to surprise everyone.

I guess I was being mean, but I tell ya something, this is to everybody, if you don't like what I write in here, don't read. I actually try to give everyday lessons and help us ALL through this thing that I hear is called life.

ChrisLo1112: HAHAH...I boarded a new train of thought. Laugh Out Loud.

I have writer's block. So, to start out this entry and to get my ideas flowing, I must start out "I have writer's block." Now, I never think I have writer's block until now because I always have ideas of what to write in here, but I never can think of how to say them. When I get ideas, I think of ways to write them and start them out. These ideas are usually written on the spot, though. When I have several ideas, I think of ways to lead ideas into others. Sometimes I can't, or don't feel like it. I don't consider my writing like art or good anyways, but I'm just saying stuff.

I went over to [my friend's] house, and we would shoot make believe machine guns using toy guns he owned. – Doesn’t make sense.

ChrisLo1112: admitting you're crazy pretty much says that you're not that crazy

"You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same."

Oh God, the thought of my paradise...the tropical environment with palm trees all over the place...orgasmic, I tell you.

Lemme tell ya, if you're in a break up, think about somebody else [to love], that'll work like the biggest charm, even if it bites you in the ass.

"Living in the big city alone, all you need is your friends."

Music in movies really makes the movie good. If “Indiana Jones” had piano music the whole time, you would not want to watch it over and over again, understand?

You know...there are so many more things to life than what's on this computer. You're sitting there, not thinking about why you're on, because you're on as a habit. There's so much you hold on this computer, and you need to communicate with people.

On the film “Man of Fire”: 6/10 stars, I recommend it to parents and to people who want to kidnap little kids.

In life, you will work with people you don't want to work with. You have to deal with some low life shit that you will hate. Hatred is a part of life and you have to deal with it. Complaining is a part of life. Is it possible to have a 100% perfect life? I hope to God I find out. "You are a lowlife, I hate you" are the words I just said to my mother because I was not thinking straight and I gave her something to fucking think about. The Goddam Fat One may work on the farm this summer with Grandpa and I, bailing straw. What the fuck is with that? It depresses me, and pisses me off greater than anything right now. I am sick and forming a headache. I want to be away from this hell hole of a house and be able to shit in my own backyard.

Never go shopping when hungry.

The smell of Florida is my favorite, and I want to buy a cologne so I can live with it. Oh, and the palm trees fulfill my fantasy. However, if I lived in my fantasy, with palm trees and Florida-smelling cologne, then what could I dream of?

If you’re a movie buff, you gotta like all movies…even the mushy chick flicks. However, the more you see, the more you learn what makes a bad movie.

High School is just zooming by for me. Remember to have fun in High School, because otherwise, it is a total waste.

I think that if you stay together long enough to be too old for any other people, then you’re safe. Plus, if somebody is used to taking care of others and being taken care of, then they’ll stay with anybody.

Have you ever noticed that the previews look so much more awesome for all the new movies in the summer? Well, previews look SO awesome, and then you go see the movies, and then the movies turn out to be not as good. Sometimes the previews are much better than the movie itself. But, I gotta admit, I haven't seen too much where movies turn out to be crappier than the previews.

Boring is good, [but] boring is boring to everybody but anybody else.

*Sigh* Back to therapy.

Using swear words in everyday life would make me look at you like a piece of shit because swearing shows how little intelligence you use.

Working on the Farm is exactly one of those experiences where you hate it all day and then, at the end of the day, you say "That was an excellent experience for me."

*sigh* It's kind of depressing. Me, dreaming everynight about somebody only ended up making me think about how the person is not thinking about me. If you think about it even harder, the person has no idea that I'm thinking of them either. Somebody is always thinking of you, and you probably have no idea about it, because you cannot read minds.

"Some Dad's have life-draining jobs, and when kids learn that, they back off. Then, neither one makes an effort." The point being all guys and their kids need to have some nights out. Just like the guys and their wives.

Sure, Britney can sing, but can she really? She lip sinks, what the hell is up with that? She has looks, she’s very beautiful, but what does she do for her music? She doesn’t write her songs, she doesn’t create dance moves, and she also doesn’t play an instrument. I can’t figure out how she’s in the business, her talent is singing, but I’ve seen annoying people in the mall who can sing just as well. Ms. Spears shouldn’t be the only one being picked on, either. There are small bands who write their music, sing their stuff, and play an instrument, but is it good music? To some people, it is. People have different tastes in music, some listen to it for advice, some for to feel in love, some to feel different emotions, for sounds, sex, exercise, all of that. I listen to music for the sounds.

Waitresses, oh God, they are ALL hott! (Notice everything sounds more sexual with two letters. Sexxy, hott, dirrty).

“What is that?” – added line from “Bye Bye Birdie,” talking about puberty.

To Mom: after telling her we were in an accident: “We were hit by an ice cream…*sigh* you’re not gonna believe this…an ice cream…cone.”

I'm considering inventing my own term with "temporary obsession" as the definition. Perhaps I'm not thinking clearly.

She's very smart and sits next to me, like Cliff. They also have good handwriting, readable from my seat.

First of all, I must say, with the very select few girls I've spent my summer with, every girl at school looked really really good. I'm sure this is just because it's the first day 'n stuff, but hey, they did well.

Learn from your enemies, for they teach you how not to be.

QUOTE of the DAY: I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. ~Mark Twain

On starting school: The first day took the longest. I guess that's because it seemed like I had no idea what was going on. It was like going to see a movie. Movies seem to last long in the theater...unless they're really really good. And that is not what school is.

I would almost trust him to do my laundry.

Second of all…there was no first of all. Thirdly…

On getting Chelsey’s birthday present: Easily, she finds the Second Season of Friends and picks it up as if she’s gonna buy it, and I got the idea that she was gonna buy it because it was under her shoulder. That just made sense.

Where do you go to sue McDonalds? The food court. I just made that joke up, so laugh out loud.

Talking about lady who wanted me to buy pizza: She wasn’t bad looking, and that’s why I’m calling her a “poor lady” instead of a bitch. I’m such an ass. I’m a guy, I can be.

On Chelsey: She talked to me about how women can check out other women. It’s a jealousy factor. Her mom and herself checked out women recently, only they say “Hm, she has cute boobs.” I only use the word “boobs” here because Chelsey did. I prefer “breasts.”

Hm, she has a pleasant ass and a superior set of tits.

It was a really great fire. I don’t believe they (talking about the guys who built the fire) have been in boy scouts or any of that crap, so that just makes boy scouts look totally unneeded. Like school. School should teach us how to build fires. School teaches so much bullshit.

I like to tell stories. Mind you, I am not saying I am good at telling them, I just like to tell them. But when I talk, I like to pace myself and talk slowly, which may be why people don't listen to me, and maybe THAT's why people think I am quiet a lot. I'm a quiet guy. But I'm always thinking, so, to myself, I am not quiet. Mind you, I'm not saying I'm smart.

Women look so hot in cowboy/cowgirl hats.

Cowboy day was interesting. Chelsey commented on how some of the girl's took it as "Hoe" day, haha. Short skirts are a necessity! Oh, that reminds me, Justin's been calling me perverted all week, what's up with that?

Talking about waitresses: That's why I eat out...HAHA...please take that the wrong way.

Talking about Emma: I don't know why she calls me Christopher, I think it's her nickname for "Chris."

Remember, this is my diary, and I joke a helluva lot. I write to people, not to myself. I write for people, and not for myself, even though I will love coming back to these entries and skimming over them someday. I want people to learn from my mistakes and I want others to read me. But I don't expect it.

I don't think highly of myself. I don't hate myself, nobody in this world should hate themselves. Everybody deserves to be loved by everybody. But I don't think highly of myself. I often think of myself as a loser, someone who is not popular in areas I wish I were. I think I could be popular, [as can anyone,] I am nice to people...do those statements [imply] that I think highly of myself?

I couldn't get a date if I went on a reality TV show!

I don't like when people say [“Happy Turkey Day”]. I don't think that any turkey is really happy on Thanksgiving.

New fallen snow is like...(insert clever metaphor here).

My family doesn't put up decorations until Christmas Eve, we're quite the lazy.

I muted the TV so Diana could read me her Christmas story that she wrote in school. It started out with a radio station anchor telling the world (haha) that Santa will not be delivering gifts this year because of sickness. I dunno about you, but for a fifth grader, isn't that really brilliant? I mean, you have a story, a plot totally about this family, the Claus'. I was just wondering where she got the idea to put a radio station in there. I remember my stories, they were action packed, well, for myself, at least. They gave me a visual, and probably nobody else. But they were still kinda simple. I remember one of my stories based on the movie "The Firm," that was about a law firm who would fight crime. So...I kinda made a spin off of "The Firm." A wild spin off.

On going to the mall with a Christian Young Group: So we say a prayer in the morning, around 8 o'clock before loading into the ice cold bus, I almost burst out laughing because I would never have imagined saying a prayer just to drive to the mall.

When I got home I noticed that my wintery green eyes are complete, and my eyes were also bloodshot from lack of sleep...green and red eyes...my Christmas eyes. Happy Holidays, y'all.

Talking about Christmas Eve Candlelit dinners: It's kind of romantic, but with family. So not that romantic.

When I'm watching a scary movie, I want to say "Oh man, that would be creepy." I want to jump, I want to laugh at myself for peeing my pants, I love to be scared. But I'm afraid I've just grown up and am either unable to be frightened, or movies these days just aren't full of their tricky stuff that would scare more than a child.

On talking with Megan on the phone the first time: So, rules on the phone, men, don't be cocky, don't let it be all about you, talk about her, get her to be comfortable talking to you. None of these was I thinking.

As a child, you see these movies, and you see how cool any movie is, you learn how they are supposed to look. I grew up with Indiana Jones, Basil Rathbone-starring Sherlock Holmes movies, the Lethal Weapon movies (and I remember how awesome it was to see Lethal Weapon 4 in theaters), and a little Dirty Harry. The Land Before Time, also, and so many Disney movies, like Aladdin and The Lion King. We grew up with these movies, seeing how they're supposed to be done, setting a damn high bar for movies today.

I went to a therapist for a year...and then I went home.

Some dude talking about me: hes a studmaster deluxe

ChrisLo1112: hahahahah, holy...that's so not funny that I forgot not to laugh

Talking about "Sin City": It was good, old fashioned entertainment, the kind where you don’t have to think about it, but it’s the kind you don’t get anything from. Maybe that’s not a good thing, but you get…entertained. You are entertained, and that’s all I ever ask, and that’s all anyone should ever ask, for movies take you to another place, such as Basin City, for a couple of hours. Then you have time to think about what you saw, your entertainment.

LEARN from the past...and move on, but don't ever give up.

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